Does Subway Drug Test (Pre-Employement or Random Drug Screenings) (2023)

Information About Menards

Subway is a renowned fast-food
restaurant chain in the US that primarily sells submarine sandwiches
and salads. This is the fastest-growing franchise in the world and
has 2,602 locations in 102 countries as of 2019. It is considered the
biggest brand restaurant chain and also the biggest restaurant
operator all over the world

The company was established in 1965 by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca as a sandwich store in Connecticut. In 1968, the company expanded its store in Philadelphia. The chain has since stretched out fast, growing to become one of the most ever-present fast-food chains globally. If you are looking for a job and wish to know more about the drug testing policy of Subway, you are in the right place.

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Policy of Drug Use at Subway

This fast-food chain leaves the choice of whether or not to drug test workers to individual franchises. Subway does keep that each franchise or store must give a safe work setting but doesn’t micromanage the drug regulations.

Since the company franchisees are independent businesses, the owners have prudence over the process of hiring an employee. That said, the company has a name to maintain, and a lot of restaurants under it have drug regulations. Such stores perform drug policies during the recruitment process, before granting promotion, and after an accident occurs inside the company.

What Should You Expect During Recruitment at Subway?

Does Subway Drug Test (Pre-Employement or Random Drug Screenings) (1)There are many ways you can go, including visiting the store where you can fill in the form for the job you are interested in. The company or store will inform you if they need new staff or not and also allow you to know when you must come in for an initial interview. All the information can be found online on the company’s website if you are applying for a higher position. You have to submit your resume and other vital information so they can call you back. You can also apply at any restaurant for these positions when they have openings.

Are There Pre-employment Drug Tests Before Hire

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They certainly do. Menards prefers to use a urine drug screen for both applicants and workers for pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing.

Random Drug Testing

Menards may broaden their panel medicines throughout random drug testing if they reasonably believe there is some type of abuse on other medications, depending on the circumstances.

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Does Subway Drug Test (Pre-Employement or Random Drug Screenings) (2)

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What Type of Drug Tests does Menards Use

Menards administers 5-panel urine drug tests for staff and potential recruits in compliance with established drug-testing standards.

How Long Does A Drug Test At Menards Take

Does Subway Drug Test (Pre-Employement or Random Drug Screenings) (3)

Menards conducts pre-employment as well as random drug tests on workers and applicants using the biggest drug screening tests.

Outcomes are expected within a day or 2. Throughout 24 hours, one can anticipate negative outcomes. If your test is positive, you may be subjected to a confirmation test, which may also undertake maybe a week.

Yourself plus the employer may obtain feedback from off the lab whether you completed your drug test. Throughout most situations, the lab will send you a letter, while the employer at Menards will obtain the information via courier or fax.

Are There Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

For a lot of people, the main barrier to hiring for a job is the pre-employment drug test or screening. Subway has a strict policy in place concerning drug use and often needs those applicants to undergo a drug examination as included in the hiring process.The company is dedicated to keeping a drug-free place of work and will likely need you to undergo a drug examination before officially hiring. On the other hand, it is vital to keep in mind that the timing of the test might differ depending on the hiring process. As a whole, you can look forward to undergoing a drug examination after the initial interview and before the restaurant chain needs a pre-employment drug test.

Random Drug Tests

While a lot of companies perform random drug examinations, it’s not always clear if this food chain is one of them. But, based on Subway’s zero-tolerance drug policy, it looks like they do random drug examinations on its workers. Any staff who tests positive for any illegal substance will be fired immediately, regardless of whether they were using the substance at the work.

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Pre-Promotional Drug Screening

A subway worker is up for a high-level promotion; the employee tends to be needed to undergo a drug test. This is true if they hold managerial jobs, handle finances and financial matters, or drive Subway vehicles.

What Type of Drug Tests Does Subway Use?

The company uses a urine sample or saliva test to drug test applicants and employees. But some workers report that the company has extra measures in place to make sure the legality of the results. These steps might take account of asking the possible worker to take an extra examination at a third-party facility. Even if not, stores will need a drug examination; you’ll be notified of this during the interview process when it’s needed. The policy enables the company to keep a safe and productive work setting while still thinking of the rights of those who might not have used substances in the past.

How To Pass a Drug Test for Subway?

Subway does conduct drug examinations for new hires as part of the employment process. But this applies to possible workers and not current staffers whose jobs are secured by labor laws. Current employees can still be subject to a random drug test based on suspicion when they appear to be under the influence.

Failing a drug test might disqualify an applicant from getting employment if you’re a potential worker or result in termination if you’re an existing worker. Subway doesn’t discriminate against candidates who decline to under a test as part of the process of hiring. If you are not confident about passing the drug test, Drug Test Advisors can help. They offer ways how to pass various kinds of drug tests.

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