Professional Scrum Master (2023)

Professional Scrum Master (1)

Professional Scrum Master(PSM) is a 3-Day / USA-Evening (4.5 hours each day) course that covers the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrumframework, and the role of the ScrumMaster in it. This course is a combination ofinstruction and team-based exercises andteaches what is at the heart of the Scrumand Agile movement.The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master I certification exam (PSM I).

What You Will Learn

Over 3 Days, students will see why PSM is the cutting-edge course for effective Scrum Masters and for anyone coaching ateam toward increased efficiency and effectiveness. The course includes advanced thinking for servant-leadership and behavioral shifts.

Throughout the course, students are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace.

The PSM course is much more than just a set of slides and an instructor. In this course, students work on real-life cases with other classmates together as a team. This course is made up of discussions and hands-on exercises based on real-life cases.

Who Should Attend

The Professional Scrum Master courseis appropriate for students in any industry where teams are working to solve complex problems. The Professional Scrum Master course is for:

  • Practitioners that are interested in starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters, Agile/Scrum Coaches, and consultants looking to improve their use of Scrum
  • Anyone involved in product delivery using Scrum

We also suggest that you read through thePSM Subject Areas.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Help Scrum Teams deliver value to their organization
  • Understand the theory and principles behind Scrum and empiricism
  • Understand how each part of the Scrum framework ties back to the principles and theory
  • Understand uncertainty and complexity in product delivery
  • Understand the meaning and importance of the Scrum values
  • Learn what Done means and why it is crucial to transparency
  • Know how to use the Product Backlog to plan with agility
  • Understand the importance of self-managing teams, interpersonal skills needed, and the Scrum Master role
  • Clarify the leadership role a Scrum Master plays on the team
  • Learn the skills and traits and behavior shifts required to be a Scrum Master

Course Topics

This course is a mix of lectures, case studies, and interactive exercises that will allow you to collaborate with other students:

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  • Scrum Theory & Principles
    • How variables can lead to complexity.
    • Relating complexity and management styles.
    • Predictive and empirical approaches to problems.
    • Exploring the advantages of Agility.
    • Scrum and the three legs of empiricism.
  • The Scrum Framework
    • What's needed for Scrum?
    • Exploring accountability.
    • Scrum roles, events, and artifacts.
    • Examining the value of time-boxing.
    • Scrum values and empiricism.
  • Done and Undone
    • Can quality become a habit?
    • Technical debt and addressing its effect.
    • Understanding the importance of Done.
    • Defining "potentially releasable".
    • Impacts of not defining Done.
  • Product Delivery with Scrum
    • Why Plan Product Development with Scrum?
    • Techniques for Product Backlog ordering and valuation.
    • Methods of Product Backlog organization.
    • Techniques for estimating the size of Product Backlog Items.
    • Planning and forecasting.
    • Monitoring and reporting progress.
  • People and Teams
    • Great teams.
    • Intrinsic motivation.
    • Cross-functionality.
    • Scrum Values.
    • Stages of Group Development.
  • The Scrum Master
    • Experiencing positiveleadership.
    • Choices of servant leaders.
    • How will you help others improve?
    • Responsibilities of a Scrum Master.
    • Scrum Master skills and traits.

Certification & Assessments

After participating in this class, you'll receive a free password to attempt the PSM I assessment and earn the industry-recognizedPSM I Certification.Earning your PSM I Certificationmakesyou part of a Super Duperelite communityof 430,000+ PSM I badge holders from around the globe. selects only the most qualified, Super Duper Duper Elite, trainers to deliver this course.This improves their ability to pass the Professional Scrum Master assessments and use Scrum in the workplace. Once you earn your PSM I certification,yourcertification will never expire nor requirefuture renewal fees.

Professional Scrum Master (2)

What's Included:

  • Three intense 4.5 hours days of experiential learning.
  • 1 free attempt to earn your PSM Icertification (a $150 value per attempt).
  • If you attempt the PSM I assessment within 14 days and do not score at least 85%, you will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.
  • Unlike other certifications, there is never an additional fee or need to renew your PSM certification once you pass.
  • Access to the full slide deck and complementary materials used during the course.
  • 40% discount on an attempt to earn your PSM II certification (a savings of$100).
  • Lifetime profile,membership, and virtual classroom.
  • 14 PDUcredits for course attendance with Project Management Institute.

Optional Exclusive Bonuses (Only from Grand Scrum Master Scott):

  • Access to Grand Scrum Master Academy Discord (our Scrum and Agile playground) - Super Duper Elite Scrum Master community.
  • 1:1 Coaching Session with GSM Scott - FREE 30 minutes to discuss your topic of choice regarding Scrum & Agile. Examples: What is the recommended Journey to become a Legendary Scrum Master from where I am right now? What classes to take? What books to read? What questions to ask? get the ideas!

Professional Scrum Master (3)

A message from Grand Scrum Master Scott...

Thank you for taking a serious interest in your Scrum Master (SM) Journey toward mastery. This class is about YOU becoming a Great SM. I am going to take it to another level and teach you how to be Legendary! Daily I am asked, “What courses should I takeandwhy?”. My reply always begins with 2 questions: How serious are you, and how long do you want to take to get there?

If you want to be an above-average SM, this course will get you there. If you are serious and want to be GREAT or LEGENDARY, it's a life-long learning journey that starts with the path I’ll share below.

Since you are reading this, I believe you want to start the Legendary journey NOW while expediting your knowledge and understanding of how to get there. ”GSM Scott, can you mentor me?" Taking a break at Louvre, I am doing that right now! My recommendation to you and any SM that I have mentored is the same: To jumpstart your journey to greatness and becoming a Legendary SM see the Bridge-The-Gap-Blueprint below:Professional Scrum Master (4)

  1. Take theProfessional Scrum Master (PSM)classto learn how to be an above-average Change Agent.

Do you know what we are changing? It will definitely surprise you! Not having the answer to this question is probably preventing your Scrum team from frequently delivering valuable outcomes. In Addition to the course objectives, I am going to teach the class as if you shadowing me at work while I share what I do, how I do it, and why I do it, but you will not have a chance to play with the tools that I introduce. The next step in your legendary journey requires facilitation skills.

  1. Take theProfessional Scrum Facilitation Skills(PSFS)classto learn how to provide effective facilitation.

In my experience, one of the biggest mistakes new scrum masters make is that they see themselves as managers and not facilitators. They think of managing people as telling them what to do when in reality it's about helping them find what they want to do and removing the obstacles that stand in their way. As a scrum master, your job is not to manage or lead, it's to facilitate. You facilitate conversations between team members so that they can come up with ways to move forward on their own. If you focus on telling people what to do, then you're missing out on some great opportunities for growth and learning within your team! Facilitation is key to true legendary performance that sets you apart. The final skills element is refining from above average to legendary through the advanced Professional Scrum Master course.

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  1. Take theProfessional Scrum Master II - Advanced Scrum Master (PSM II)Classtounderstand the 8 stances that characterize an effective Scrum Master and servant-leader while diving deep into how YOU serve the Developers, Product Owner, and organization.

I will teach YOUabout related practices and skills to enable YOU to have the right types of conversations and how to apply them to become a better Scrum Master...another step towards greatness and becoming Legendary. 1, 2, 3...Now go BE Legendary like Nanny McPhee while building wealth for your family!

Professional Scrum Master (5)

One Time "Up Your Scrum" Bundle: Expedite your learning journey, Scrum Master Effectiveness, and SAVE!

Professional Scrum Master (6)Becoming A Legendary Scrum Master Package includes 3 courses:

Professional Scrum Master ($1595.00) + Facilitation Skills ($895.00) + Advance Scrum Master ($1595.00) =$4085.00

Enroll Now and Save $500.00. Your Price Today = $3585.00


The above-Average Scrum Master Package includes 2 courses:

Professional Scrum Master ($1595.00) + Facilitation Skills ($895.00) = $2490.00

Enroll Now and Save $300.00. Your Price today = $2190.00

Professional Scrum Master (7) Up Your Scrum Master effectiveness and skills!

"I'll see you in class for a Legendary learning experience!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Scrum Master Package?
Because of Parkinson's Law! When do you want to Up Your Scrum...Today, next week, next month, or maybe next year? Purchasing the package will help you be accountable to yourself and demonstrate a commitment to your learning journey. Shu, Ha, Ri is a model to guide you and your team toward mastery. And you will save $300 to $500!

Once I take the first class, How do I get access to the prepaid second class and the prepaid third class?
Agilephere course delivery schedule is designed to take you through a Scrum Master Bootcamp-like learning journey in 30 days. By the end of the first class, you will have identified the next class that you want to take from Upcoming Classes by GSM Scott and communicate that in class or via email.

Step 1: Select the package that aligns with your learning objectives.

Step 2: Attend the first PSM course you selected, for example, at the beginning of the month, attend class and identify that you want to take the next class Mid-Month and the final class at the end of the Month. Agilesphere will send you the remaining one or two Pre-Class Instructions depending on your package selection.

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Step 3: Communicate to GSM Scott either during class or by email as to the next class you would like to attend as a part of your package selection.

How do I achieve the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification?
The PSM I certification is achieved by taking and passing an online assessment in your own time following the course. It can be taken from any internet-connected computer.

What are the course hours?
Training will begin promptly at the posted class hours on all 3 days.

How many people will attend?
Our courses are kept small to ensure a premium experience.

How should I prepare for the course?
Pre-class instructions will be sent via email with all you need for preparation including a link to read the Scrum Guide.

I'm not sure if I have enough experience to take the course. What should I do?
That's Fantastic you don't have much experience! It should not be much for you to unlearn. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice the concepts you are taught and learn from the collective intelligence of the students. Everyone will leave the class with the same level of knowledge and understanding for Legendary execution of Scrum and Agile.

Can I claim PMI PDU credits for attending the course?
Yes. You can claim 14 PDUs for attending a course.

Can I pay via credit/debit card?
Yes. Please select "Register" now for all payment options.

Where can I contact the trainer with further questions?
You can email us at

About The Trainer

Scott Adams is a Professional Scrum Trainer, Grand Scrum Master, and an ambassador for change that works with large enterprises to small start-ups. From his experiences of working with many teams across different domains, he builds best-in-company teams not by design but as an outcome of empowering every member of the scrum team, thru diversification/inclusion and having no tolerance for anything that stands in the way of delivering extraordinary value to the customer. He has a collaborative approach to training that is enhanced thru storytelling and group sharing.Scott is based in the USA. He is always happy to arrange private training for your company. Please get in touch to find out more.

(Video) Professional SCRUM MASTER Certification (PSM I) in 1 DAY!! (I got 100% Pass Rate on my FIRST TRY)

Committed to continuous learning and development, Scott is passionate about helping individuals and scrum teams reach their full potential. He is an international speaker who brings awareness to impediments that could be holding you and/or your team from being phenomenal.Most recently, Scott has launched a YouTube channel and has presented at the following Events:

Podcast Co-Host - "Not Scrum Dumb"

  • The Agile Wire Podcast - "People who look like me"

  • Lean Agile Global Conference - "Scrum Team Diversity and Inclusion"

  • Blacks in Technology Foundation - "Increase Personal Brand Value as a Scrum Master"

What Clients and Students Have To Say About The Trainer:

Professional Scrum Master (8)

Student feedback from Lagos, NigeriaAbout The Trainer:

About Agilesphere Consulting and Training, LLC

Agile Sphere Consulting & Training, founded by Scott Adams, exists out of a commitment to support equality and diversity in the workplace through world-class training, where all people contribute at their fullest potential and deliver extraordinary value for customers. Our first goal is to train 10,000 minority (race, ethnicity, and sex) Professional Scrum Masters by 2030 and help them to be Legendary in the workplace.

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Is PSM exam hard? ›

In PSM I, the passing criteria are quite tough, as you will have to complete 80 questions and achieve at least 85% (this is not accurately defined by to get the Professional Scrum Master certificate.

Is reading scrum guide enough to pass psm? ›

But understanding the scrum guide and not only memorizing it was enough to pass it. - I strongly recommend (like every one else) to keep on doing the open assessment for both Scrum Open and Product Owner until you keep on getting 100% in less than 10 minutes. This will save you time on the real exam.

Is PSM certification easy? ›

The exam is not easy until you practice a lot. Read the Scrum Guide and refer back to it whenever a tricky question shatters your confidence of knowing Scrum. It is only 16 pages long and helps with clearing up your Scrum concepts.

What is the passing percentage for PSM 1? ›

If you want to become a Professional Scrum Trainer, you need to pass the exam and PSM II on at least 95%. In case of PSM I assessment it means 77 out of 80 correct answers to have 96% score.

How long should I study for PSM? ›

Put in the 15–20 hours of prep time, practice, take notes, learn from mock questions, and make sure that you are confident going into the exam. You will be fine.

How many questions can you get wrong on the PSM 1 exam? ›

The PSM1 exam is taken online and you only have 60 minutes to attempt 80 questions. You must have at least 68 correct answers to pass the exam. You ideally get 45 sec per Question.

Is it worth doing PSM? ›

The PSM 1 Certification is valuable both for those who apply scrum on a daily basis and for those who do not. I believe that the PSM 1 Certification is valuable both for those who apply scrum on a daily basis and for those who do not (yet) apply scrum.

Can you take PSM exam without training? ›

The individual can also get the PSM certification without going through the training process. They can visit the website to the PSM assessment page and register their details for the PSM assessment exam. The participants have to pay an amount of $150 to take up the PSM assessment exam.

Is PSM better than CSM? ›

In the end, knowledge matters whether it is CSM®️ or PSM™ certification. Both certificates have the same value in the job market. Also, both programs are highly compatible. It is very crucial what you earned during the certification process and the trainer will definitely help you to make the difference there.

Is PSM better than PMP? ›

PMP: PMP is mainly used by companies that follow a traditional approach to project management. Pick the one that'll positively affect your job and your career the most. The CSM or PSM certification will be more likely to help you the most if you are currently working in agile project management.

Is PSM 1 open book? ›

One thing to remember is that the test is an open book. You can prepare with the help of PSM prep books, notes, and worksheets provided by certified Agile management training or online resources before sitting for the test.

How do I study for PSM? ›

Suggested roadmap for passing the exam
  1. Do your first open assessment. ...
  2. Study the Scrum Guide. ...
  3. Print and read the Scum glossary. ...
  4. Create your own mindmap or summary. ...
  5. Redo the Open assessment and again if possible, DO NOT review the right/wrong answers and DO NOT use the Scrum Guide. ...
  6. Practice with some more mock tests.

How many people have PSM 1? ›

In 2022, there are over 460,000 Scrum Masters certified at the PSM I level, but only 18,000 certified Professional Scrum Masters at the PSM II level, and just over 1,000 individuals certified at the elite PSM III. The PSM III certification is certainly one to pursue if you want to differentiate yourself from others.

Can I retake PSM 1 exam? ›

There is no other way than to pay and take the exam again. If you were allowed to take more than one attempt, you will not be taking the exam at the right time. Idea is to ensure that you are confident in your learning and understanding.

How much does it cost to retake PSM exam? ›

The exam is $150 per attempt. Unlimited retakes are available for $150 per attempt. PSM II. The exam costs $250 per attempt.

Does PSM certification expire? ›

PSM certification has lifelong validity. Certification is awarded by which does not stipulate fulfilment of additional requirements in future for renewal of certification. You need not make any renewal payment too.

How hard is PSM exam reddit? ›

This exam is very close to the real exam in terms of difficulty. I know that some people state that it is easier and I think the reason is because they are taking it multiple times and have it memorized where they do not even have to read the questions to know the answer.

Is PSM multiple choice? ›

The Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment is a 60-minute timeboxed assessment. You need to score over 85% to pass and gain the PSM I certification. The assessment contains 80 questions in English of multiple choice type. You decide when and where to take the assessment.

Can I use Google during PSM 1 exam? ›

Here is the link for more details:… To add on to the above given answers and to directly answer your question; yes you can Google, search any book or document since doesn't specifically mention that in the instructions before exam.

Can you self study Scrum Master? ›

That's why we created this Scrum Master Certification online course – it is 100% self-paced, so you can study around YOUR schedule. This affordable, online Scrum Master training course is brought to you by Master of Project Academy. Our courses have a 99.6% first-time pass rate and more than 300,000 past students.

Should you get both CSM and PSM? ›

You cannot go wrong taking a CSM or PSM course, set that worry aside. You will learn a lot. Both courses will help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of Scrum and what a Scrum Master should be doing. If you are looking to attend both the courses, space them apart because your learning decays over time.

What is the most Recognised Scrum certification? ›

1. Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) CSM is among the most popular and pursued Scrum Master Certifications. This entry-level Scrum credential from Scrum Alliance, is a great starting point for professionals who want to understand Scrum team roles and responsibilities, Scrum events and Scrum artifacts.

What is the difference between PSM 1 and PSM 2? ›

PSM I focuses on the 'material knowledge', whereas PSM II focuses on the 'practice and real-world situations'. As you'd expect the two certificates do cover different topics. PSM II covers more content and looks at additional areas for Scrum Masters.

How many times can you take the PSM? ›

There is no limit to how many times you can take an assessment, nor is there a period of time you must wait before making another attempt. Assessment passwords can be purchased on the following pages: Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I, II, and III. Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) I and II.

Which certification is best after PSM 1? ›

One can hone their Scrum master skills with more Certifications such as Professional scrum master II(PSM 2), Professional scrum master III (PSM 3) or Professional scrum product owner (PSPO).

Which Scrum Master certification pays the most? ›

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Certified Scrum Master Jobs in the U.S.
Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly Pay
Scrum Trainer$140,219$11,684
Salesforce Scrum Master$138,132$11,511
Scrum Developer$135,999$11,333
VP Scrum Master$134,768$11,230
1 more row

Which Scrum Master certification has more value? ›

The Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) is the highest-level certification on the product development track offered by the Scrum Alliance.

Is CSM harder than PMP? ›

Is CSM harder than PMP? No, the PMP certification exam is much harder as compared to the CSM certification exam. To complete the CSM will only need three days from you.

Which pays more Scrum Master or project manager? ›

Impact on salaries and earning power

Respondents had a median salary of $116,000. And project managers with PMP certification had a 22% higher salary, on average. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for the Scrum Master role is $97,319 in the US.

Will Scrum Masters become obsolete? ›

Scrum masters will continue to be an in-demand role in future. Scrum Masters who have started out on their careers can acquire advanced skills and make progress to expert job roles like Scrum coaches, product owners, project managers, etc.

How many hours a day do Scrum Masters work? ›

Scrum masters usually spend a minimum of 15 hours a week with one team, but most work with multiple teams. Many jobs require that you spend around an hour preparing for the day and any meetings you have and up to two hours going over the reports from your team.

How long to pass psm 1? ›

Passing score of 85% > 68 correct answers out of 80. 60 minutes max > 45 seconds per question in average.

How can I pass PSM I exam? ›

Steps to pass PSM I
  1. Step 1: Scrum Guide. The first step in your preparation is to read the Scrum guide over and over again. ...
  2. Step 2: Scrum Glossary. Print and read the Scum glossary. ...
  3. Step 3: Open Assessments. ...
  4. Step 4: Mockup(s) ...
  5. Step 5: Udemy course.
Jun 27, 2019

What is the passing score for PSM? ›

The questions are a mix of multiple choice and true false. To pass you must score at minimum an 85%, which means you need to get 68 questions right or better to become certified.

Is PSM 1 hard reddit? ›

The exam was way more difficult than I expected. There were question styles that I haven't seen from the two practice tests I used. There were also situational questions. Anyways it turned out my preparation was enough to get the passing score.

Is the PSM 2 exam hard? ›

You have 90 minutes to complete the assessment and must score 85% to achieve the certification. The questions and answer options tend to be longer than in PSM I and it takes more time to read and understand. As with all assessments, it is challenging and designed to test your real understanding of Scrum.

Is PSM 1 exam online? ›

The PSM certification exam (also referred to as assessment) is an online, open-book exam. The format is: 80 multiple choice questions and True/False questions. Duration: 1 hour.

How much does a PSM cost? ›

There is a standard fee for the different levels of Professional Scrum Master certification. The costs for PSM-I, PSM-II, and PSM-III certification exams are US$150, US$250 and US$500 respectively. Moreover, if you do not pass PSM-I assessment then there is a 2nd attempt within 14 days at no additional fee.

Is PSM 1 a proctored exam? ›

The PSM requires no proctor attending the exam and one can take the test from their home with no one to verify their identity.

What happens if you fail PSM exam? ›

All students taking APS, PSM or PSPO courses accredited by are entitled to one free attempt at the relevant assessment. grant A 2nd free attempt if the first unsuccessful attempt is within two weeks of the course.

Can I take psm2 without psm1? ›

PSM I is a prerequisite.

Is the PSM exam open book? ›

One thing to remember is that the test is an open book. You can prepare with the help of PSM prep books, notes, and worksheets provided by certified Agile management training or online resources before sitting for the test.

Which is difficult CSM or PSM? ›

The PSM exam is relatively tougher than the CSM certification. The pattern of the exam is in the form of Multiple choice questions. There are 50 questions in total and the time given is 1 hour.

How can I succeed in PSM exam? ›

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) exam recommendation
  1. Read the Scrum Guide at least 2 to 3 times. ...
  2. Try to pass the free Scrum Open, the Product Owner Open and Scrum Developer Open assessments. ...
  3. Identify your areas of weaknesses. ...
  4. Re-read the Scrum Guide, paying attention to the weak points.
Jan 19, 2021

Which Scrum certification is easiest? ›

Both the certifications are competing equally in the Scrum Master world. The CSM exam is generally easy to pass with a passing grade of approximately 74%, where PSM exam requires a minimum of 85% to pass which is difficult when compared to CSM and CSM course fee is less comparably.

Does PSM expire? ›

PSM certification has lifelong validity. Certification is awarded by which does not stipulate fulfilment of additional requirements in future for renewal of certification. You need not make any renewal payment too.

How many people are PSM certified? ›

In 2022, there are over 460,000 Scrum Masters certified at the PSM I level, but only 18,000 certified Professional Scrum Masters at the PSM II level, and just over 1,000 individuals certified at the elite PSM III. The PSM III certification is certainly one to pursue if you want to differentiate yourself from others.

Which is more demand CSM or PSM? ›

Both certifications are valuable to a Scrum master. CSM is a bit more popular than PSM hence it could be considered more valuable. CSM certification needs to get renewed every two years and PSM comes with a lifetime validity.

Is PSM 2 easy? ›

The assessment tests your ability to understand the Scrum Guide and the concepts of applying Scrum. This level gives you the fundamentals in a way that you can evidence and use. PSM II is the next step for people who want to take it further.
What is PSM™?
Difficulty levelIntermediateIntermediate
6 more rows
Apr 11, 2023

Is PSM 2 hard? ›

The PSM II assessment is positioned between PSM I and PSM III in terms of difficulty and is an achievable certification for those that have attended a Professional Scrum Master course and/or have sufficient real-world experience.


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