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The Commercial Appeal i
Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1985

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Three are indicted on murder charges Shelby County grand jurors yesterday handed down first-degree murder Indictments in the deaths of Ronald Owens and Connie Johnson A first-degree murder indictment was filed against Donnie Edward Johnson 32 of Covington in the Dec 8 death of his wife Johnson reported his wife missing to Covington police about two hours before his her body was found in her van arked at the Mall of Memphis Mrs Johnson 30 of 1404 Ten- nessee 59 West in Covington suffocated after a plastic bag was forced down her throat the police said Indicted in the Feb 17 bludgeoning death of Owens were nis wife Gaile Owens 32 of 7117 Scepter in Bartlett and Sidney Porterfield 42 of 895 North Main Both are charged in the indictment with first-degree murder Mrs Owens is also charged as an accessory to first-degree murder Asst Dist Challen y Owens is accused of hiring Porterfield to kill her husband for an undisclosed amount of money and supplying him' with information about Owens’ schedule and the Owens home Porterfield is accused of entering the home and beating Owens with a tire tool Life terms imposed James Randolph Funzie — charged in a series of aggravated rapes burglaries and larcenies and an armed robbery — has been sentenced to two life prison terms by Criminal Court jurors who found him guilty of being a habitual criminal Jurors deliberated an hour Wednesday before convicting Funzie 27 of 1576 Walker Apt 2 guilty of only one count of burglary and one count of grand larceny After hearing evidence in the other indictments Thi turned a i on two counts of 1 ual criminal and imposed the life sentences Criminal Court Judge Joseph McCartle is to decide April 4 whether the sentences will be concurrent keeping Funzie in prison for 30 years before becoming eligible for parole or consecutively requiring at least 60 years in prison Library firm to talk Public Library and Information Center officials plan to meet with representatives of a Kansas City-area computer firm during the week of March 25 to discuss the ill-functioning library computer system Acting Director Sallie Johnson said the city attorney’s office talked with lawyers representing DataPhase Inc of Shawnee Mission Kan and agreed to extend a deadline of yesterday set last month by library trustees for a company plan to improve the system The library’s $720000 computer system originally intended to handle circulation chores and other functions for the entire library system does not have enough memory to handle transactions at the main library and takes an unacceptably long time to check d a a IvavX' out borrowers at branch libraries officials say Driver not at fault Investigation into the traffic death of S-year-old Ralph Lewis is continuing but officers say the driver probably wont be charged “It was really a freak accident it looks like” Sgt Larry Maddox of the sheriffs department traffic division said “The kid was just standing there on the comer (of Whitten and Reese roads) The driver veered out of the way to miss another car and ran into a ditch and then the car flipped over on top of the kid” Maddox said two more witnesses would be interviewed today The driver was Jacob M Cox 55 of 1407 South Willett Accusation checked A man who works at River-view-Kansas Community Day Care Center at 1424 Florida has been interviewed by the police about an accusation that he sexually molested a 4-year-old girl at the center The investigation into the complaint received last week is continuing said Capt Glynn King commander of the sex crime squad Guilty plea accepted A man accused of the fatal shotgun ambush of a man outside the C&S Lounge last year has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder Robert Junior Gann 34 of 3696 Grey Road was indicted for first-degree muder in the death of Thomas Welsh 34 outside the lounge at 4138 Wales last April He pleaded guilty Thursday Officials said the charge was reduced to ond-degree murder to induce Gann’s guilty plea - Jacobson Bureau fills 2 jobs Roy Smith has been named director of convention development for the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau and Paula Jacobson has been named director of membership development Smith formerly actingexec-utive director of the Baton Rouge La Convention and Visitors Bureau will be in charge of developing a staff and programs to encourage selection of Memphis for national meetings and conventions Mrs Jacobson formerly ex- ecutive director of Big Broth-of Greater Memphis Inc will be responsible for membership expansion and development of community service programs to aid tourism The Commercial Appeal Memphis Saturday March 16 1985 Tiger followers bask in sunshine as favorites win B3 By GREGG GORDON “I just had to come down to pay some Mils man and I saw all these people” said Eugene Remus Jr a potential Michael Jackson look-alike “Then I said ‘Why it’s the game Praise the Lord!’ ” The cite may not have come to a standstill yesterday from noon to 2 pm but its pace probably-dropped at least to that of a slow-monon replay of a William Bedford slam dunk In Court Square several hundred people — lawyers and construction workers mailmen and police officers shoppers and street people — filtered through the park to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy watch Memphis State Universi Pennsylvania in the first-round NCAA just wasn't going to work we rushed over to a rental center for three smaller sets as quick as we could” said Jimmy Ogle assistant director of the park commission after doing some cheerleadin while adjusting the vertical holi About 150 people were crowded around the Court Square gazebo at any given time The crowd at the square was biggest during the first half which coincided with most downtown workers’ regular lunch hours But a substantial crowd stayed until the end Some like Ms Wylie had wisely altered their lunch breaks know- is more tournament basketball game “It'S about time” said Remus “Everyone’s out Everyone’s together And everyone’s cheering for Memphis Tennessee I like it It’s cool Marilyn Wylie a Department of Human Services worker who cheered for MSU with outrageous enthusiasm summed up the attitude: “You just can’t live here and not love the Tigers' e the gi unrequited Yesterday’s ideal weather er couldn’t have been worse for downtown MSU fans in Court Square The bright sunshine overwhelmed the six-foot television screen that had been mounted on the gazebo and even the Memphis Park Commission’s black tarpau-' lins for shade didn’t help “When we saw the big ing the end of the important than the De ginning One man who asked not to be identified said “I think I’m all right I think my boss is watching it too He said he wouldn’t be back until 3” Others simply waited for the heavily favored Tigers to put the underdogs away “I just want to see the little run we put together to start the second half and then I’ll listen to the rest on the radio” said Ron Register director of the Community Services Agency while the Tigers held a one-point halftime lead But Register lingered after the lead blossomed to 18 points with less than five minutes to play “They took too long” he said “I may as well watch the end now” After the game Ogle and attorney Bob Udelsohn who thought of the Court Square event said the televisions would be back if the Tigers keep drawing weekday afternoon playing times “If Memphis St screen again we tnphis State will do it will too” Udelsohn said Yesterday Births BAPTIST EAST March 11 Mr aiid Mi Mr and Mn Rue-mil Voidcn Jr 1623 Eayinora SMI"4- Mr and Mn Hurdid Rickman Jr MRfington bay 12i27 ram aa 1 ti a-L — UL mtr UnQ ffliii RDteT MnllNV Hof Spring Art gbi 926 ram aa — J tl i- - 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What was the commercial appeal Memphis history? ›

The Commercial Appeal traces its heritage to the 1839 publication, The Western World & Memphis Banner of the Constitution. Bought by Col. Henry Van Pelt in 1840, it was renamed The Memphis Appeal. During the American Civil War the Appeal was one of the major newspapers serving the Southern cause.

What is the circulation of the Memphis commercial appeal? ›

For the third quarter of 2019, The Commercial Appeal reported a Sunday paid circulation of 52,000 and a daily circulation of 29,000. Just three years earlier, those numbers stood at 103,300 Sunday and 67,000 daily. That's basically half of its paid base of readers gone in three years.

When did the commercial appeal start? ›

The newspaper traces its origins to April 21, 1841, when Col. Henry Van Pelt's first weekly issue of The Appeal appeared.

Where is the commercial appeal in Memphis? ›

The Commercial Appeal, 120 S Front St, Memphis, TN, Publishers - MapQuest.

What is a commercial appeal? ›

a request to the public for money, information, ... See more at appeal.

Who owns the Memphis commercial appeal? ›

New Media Investment Group, parent company of GateHouse Media, and Gannett, the corporation that currently owns and publishes the Memphis Commercial Appeal, have announced a merger.

Why was Memphis important in civil rights? ›

As the site of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Memphis holds a sad place in the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

What is one significant event from the civil rights movement that occurred at Memphis? ›

In 1954, the national NAACP won the hard fought court battle Brown v. Board of Education. This case ruled that applying the concept of "separate but equal" to public schools was not constitutional.

What happened in Memphis civil rights movement? ›

On February 12, 1968, 1,300 Black sanitation workers in Memphis began a strike to demand better working conditions and higher pay. Their stand marked an early fight for financial justice for workers of color as part of the civil rights movement. The strike also drew Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the biggest Memphis newspaper? ›

The Daily News, which is published Monday through Friday, is the paper of record for the county.

When did appeal to reason come out? ›

First published by Julius A. Wayland at Kansas City on August 31, 1895, Appeal to Reason was a four-page socialist weekly. In February 1897 Wayland moved the paper to the southeast Kansas coal-mining town of Girard.

What is the largest newspaper in Memphis Tennessee? ›

About The Daily News

Since its beginnings in 1886 as The Daily Abstract of Transfers, The Daily News has served a vital role in the Memphis metro area as the source for daily news and information on business and commerce -- information available nowhere else.

How much is commercial appeal subscription? ›

For the first month, then $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

What is the commercial appeal number in Memphis? ›

To get help with your account or subscription, call 1-844-900-7099 or chat online here.

How much does it cost to go to the top of Bass Pro in Memphis? ›

The cost to ride the elevator is $10 per person. On the rides up and down, guests hear the story of how the Memphis Bass Pro Shops came to be. What is this? At the top of the elevator is The Lookout at the Pyramid.

WHO publishes the commercial appeal? ›

What is appeal and types of appeal? ›

Kinds of Appeal: Appeals can be divided into following four classes according to the provisions of the Code of Civil procedure. 1. Appeals from original decrees, 2. Appeals from appellate decrees (Second Appeals), 3. Appeals from Orders, and 4.

Who is Memphis Mack? ›

(WZTV) — The Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) have announced that detectives arrested Tony Williams, 45, known as “Memphis Mack,” Thursday in Nashville for trafficking for a commercial sex act.

Who runs Memphis? ›

The mayor is elected to four-year terms with a limit of two terms. The current mayor is Jim Strickland, elected in 2015.

Who created the Memphis sound? ›

Memphis musicians Willie Mitchell and Al Green collaborated to produce the basic sound of all soul music to emerge from Memphis. To this day, the entire genre of Memphis soul music is in accordance with their perfected sound of the 70s.

Why is Memphis so important? ›

Known worldwide as the "Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll - not to mention gospel, jazz, R&B, rap and soul.

What is the difference between civil rights and civil liberties? ›

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Civil rights are not in the Bill of Rights; they deal with legal protections. For example, the right to vote is a civil right. A civil liberty, on the other hand, refers to personal freedoms protected from government intrusion such as those listed in the Bill of Rights.

Was there slavery in Memphis? ›

The cotton economy of the antebellum South depended on the forced labor of hundreds of thousands of African-American slaves, and Memphis became a major slave market. Prior to the Civil War, one quarter of the city's population were slaves.

What were 3 major civil rights events that occurred in Mississippi? ›

The remaining years of the 1960s saw the emergence of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (1964), Freedom Summer (1964), James Meredith's March Against Fear (1966), and other protests for racial equality.

When did segregation end in Memphis? ›

In the end, Memphis failed to create an integrated school system. On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that segregation in public schools violated the Fourteenth Amendment rights of African American students and was therefore unconstitutional.

What is the most famous event from the civil rights movement? ›

The March on Washington (1963)

Two decades later, Randolph decided a march was required to speed the rate of change in the nation. President John F. Kennedy asked that the march be called off, afraid that it would hurt his civil rights bill.

What caused the decline of Memphis? ›

Memphis subsequently became a centre of trade for the South's cotton. In the 1870s yellow fever devastated the city, killing more than 5,000 residents. The city went bankrupt, declined in population, and in 1879 surrendered its charter.

How did the Memphis strike end? ›

Nearly two weeks later on April 16, the Memphis sanitation workers' strike ended when the city agreed to issue raises to African American employees and recognize the workers' union.

What was MLK protesting in Memphis? ›

Martin Luther King Jr., went to Memphis to support the sanitation workers. He marched with them and made speeches. During the marches, many workers wore signs that read “I Am A Man.” This showed that they were fighting for equality, dignity, and respect.

What is the black owned newspaper in Nashville? ›

The Tennessee Tribune is a legendary African American Tennessee newspaper. The publisher is the first African American female publisher in the state.

What TV market size is Memphis? ›


MEMPHIS DMA is number 51 Designated Market Area in United States, as ranked by Nielsen as of 2023, TV Household population of 633,930 and an average income $38,595 and a median income $38,558.

What is the name of the college student newspaper at University of Memphis? ›

The Daily Helmsman, an independent, award-winning student-run newspaper begun as a protest newspaper in 1931 called The Tiger Rag, has been published continuously since. The name was changed to The Helmsman in 1972, and again in 1981 to The Daily Helmsman, when it began publishing four days a week.

What are the three appeal forms? ›

When making a presentation or speech, the speaker has to appeal to an audience and to appear trustworthy and credible. Aristoteles, the Greek philosopher and founder of rhetoric has divided the forms of appeal into three categories, namely ethos, pathos and logos.

What is a reason for appeal? ›

An appeal is not another trial but an opportunity for the defendant to try to raise specific errors that might have occurred at trial. A common appeal is that a decision from the judge was incorrect – such as whether to suppress certain evidence or to impose a certain sentence.

What is an example of appeal of reason? ›

definition: a rhetorical strategy where the argument is made by presenting facts that lead the audience to a specific conclusion. examples: “onStar service inside your car is better than carrying a cell phone because a cell phone can't call for you when you're injured.”

Who owns the biggest newspaper in the United States? ›

Gannett/Gatehouse is the leading newspaper company in the United States based on circulation, with a circulation of over 8.59 million in 2020.

What is the biggest newspaper in the world? ›

Top newspapers by circulation
The New York TimesUSEnglish
Guangzhou DailyChinaChinese
Nanfang DailyChinaChinese
Rajasthan PatrikaIndiaHindi
15 more rows

What are the largest black newspapers in the US? ›

Most are members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA).
Birmingham TimesBirmingham, AL
Harlem News GroupNew York Daily, NY
New York Amsterdam NewsNew York, NY
New York BeaconNew York, NY
New York Carib NewsNew York, NY
144 more rows

How much does a commercial appeal beat writer get paid? ›

$62,042. The estimated total pay for a Writer at The Commercial Appeal is $62,042 per year.

How do I cancel my commercial appeal subscription? ›

You can cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 1-844-900-7099.

How much is a subscription for Spokesman Review? ›

Unlimited access to our website and the e-edition of our newspaper starts at only 99¢ a month for the first two months. Home delivery and unlimited web access is as low as $1 a week.

How long do you have to file an appeal in Tennessee? ›

An appeal must be filed within 30 days after entry of judgment. An exception is a case involving a party who is the United States, a federal agency, or federal employee; in that instance, an appeal must be filed within 60 days after entry of judgment.

What is the meaning of commercial appeal? ›

a request to the public for money, information, ... See more at appeal.

What is Rule 10 appeal in Tennessee? ›

Rule 10 - Inadequate Briefs (a) If a brief does not substantially conform to the requirements of the Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure, the court may order the same stricken and direct the filing, within a fixed time, of a new brief, and it may impose costs or order payment by the offending attorney or party of ...

Where is the biggest Bass Pro shop in the United States? ›

Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters Outdoor World the largest and most famous outdoor store in the world. Located in Springfield, Missouri, “the Grandaddy” of all outdoor stores covers over 750,000 square feet and spans 17 acres under one roof.

What state has the biggest Bass Pro? ›

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's operates retail locations in the United States, as well as in Canada. The most common stores are known as Outdoor World stores. The largest store currently is the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee. As of January 2023, the company operates 177 Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's stores combined.

What is the biggest Bass Pro Shop? ›

The original and largest of the Bass Pro Shops®. Almost 500,000 square feet dedicated to the beauty of the outdoors. Waterfalls, aquariums, firing range, TRACKER® boat showroom, Hemingway's Blue Water Café and more. Shop from a large selection of outdoor gear and visit the NRA® Museum and Archery Hall of Fame.

What is the history behind the Memphis Blues? ›

Memphis Blues - Memphis

Memphis blues was discovered by the rest of the world largely via the works of Beale Street-based bandleader W. C. Handy, who began using blues motifs in his compositions shortly after encountering the music in the Mississippi Delta around 1903.

What is the history of the Memphis music scene? ›

The Memphis Music History is as old as the city itself. At the beginning of the last century, Memphis was a convergence of African-American commerce and culture. Traditional spirituals handed down from generations of enslaved blacks to free people became the foundation for the blues and artists like W.C. Handy.

Why was Memphis important in the civil rights movement? ›

As the site of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Memphis holds a sad place in the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

Why is the Battle of Memphis important? ›

Its primary historical importance is that it was the last time civilians with no prior military experience were permitted to command ships in combat. As such, it is a milestone in the development of professionalism in the United States Navy.

Where did blues slavery come from? ›

The birth of the blues

The majority of blues musicians had descendants from Africa who were transported to America in the slave trade and were forced to work on plantations in the South, and factories in the North. Enslaved people would sing work songs while working the plantations and religious spirituals in church.

Why was Memphis important to blues? ›

Beale Street, one of America's first African American entertainment districts, is known as The Home of The Blues and is where Memphis Blues legend W.C. Handy penned “Memphis Blues”, and propelled the genre into the mainstream.

What is the message of Memphis the musical? ›

And the message of "Memphis, The Musical," is about the power of music to unite people across seemingly unbridgeable divisions remains just as real, and vital, in 2015, Hines said in a phone interview this week during a tour stop in Washington state.

Why is Memphis music so dark? ›

Because of the lack of resources, bedroom studios were often pushed to the extreme. Usually, the lyrics are quite dark and depict graphic subject matter.

Why is Memphis important to music? ›

Memphis is both the place from which W.C. Handy spread the Delta Blues at the turn of the century and where, 50 years later, Sun Studio churned out Elvis Presley's world-altering hits. But that is truly just the tip of Memphis' multilayered musical history.

Who is the most influential Memphis? ›

Whatever you may think of him, most Memphians acknowledge that Willie Herenton is arguably the most influential Memphian of the past three decades.

What are the biggest problems in Memphis? ›

The city has long struggled with poverty, vacant homes, and abandoned buildings, along with high crime and dwindling public-sector capacity. Racial disparities and socioeconomic inequalities in Memphis are persistent and continue to be a struggle.

Why is Memphis called Memphis? ›

The modern city was founded in 1819 and named Memphis. The name was chosen because of the ancient city of Memphis in Egypt. Memphis, Egypt was founded thousands of years before the United States even existed. But, like Memphis, Tennessee, it was also located on a great river: the Nile.


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